Cookie Control Made Easy

Well the new European law on cookie's has caused quite a stir, with the requirement to ensure that all website users are cookie aware. As everyone scrambles to put their websites on the right side of the law, a great new tool has been launched to quickly make your site compliant.

Cookie Control from CivicUK simplifies the task with a few changes to the index page and some neat javascript file for you to deply to your websites.

´╗┐Consent Models

You can configure the Cookie Control script for one of three different consent models 

Information Only

Suitable for: sites where the only cookie-setting scripts are analytics, webmasters who lack the skills to adapt their scripts to interact with Cookie Control's callbacks / functions.

Behaviour: Cookie Control pops up with a notification for users about how cookies are used on the site. It appears once only. (A cookie is set to prevent it popping up on every page.)

Implied Consent (Opt-out)

Suitable for: most sites - unless cookies are very intrusive indeed. Webmasters must adapt their cookie setting scripts to work with Cookie Control callbacks and functions.

Behaviour: By default all cookies are enabled. The old "I'm happy with this" button has been replaced with a new switch toggling between "Cookies are off" and "Cookies are on". This is more akin to the BBC's current approach. By default, the UI only pops up when a user first visits a site.

An ironic side effect of this approach, which will upset purists, is that a cookie must be set if a user opts out. However, users are warned about this.

Explicit Consent (Opt-in)

Suitable for: the extremely risk-averse, sites with very intrusive cookies. Webmasters must adapt their cookie setting scripts to work with Cookie Control callbacks and functions.

Behaviour:  By default all cookies are disabled. The UI will pop up on every page load. Users may supress the pop up without opting in - although this requires, you guessed it, a cookie. This is pretty much how Cookie Control works at the moment.


Cookie control can be configured for all types of websites, and Website Angel has successfully deployed Cookie Control to html, Joomla and Magento websites.

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