From Gas Grenades to Gas Guzzlers - Paris Motor Show 2012

Renault Sport Clio 4 at the Paris Motor Show 2012

Wow what an exciting time at the Paris motor show 2012. Outside the show, protesters were being “calmed” with tear gas as they voiced their fears over planned austerity measures within the PSA Peugeot-Citroen group, while on the inside all the stars of the motor world were there to show off their concept cars and launch the next wave of motoring for the forthcoming year.

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Keeping your content unique

Content Editing and repurposing with Content ControllerKeeping your content fresh and unique to your site not only adds value to the readers of your site, but it will also help you to avoid search engine penalties.


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Cookie Control Made Easy

Well the new European law on cookie's has caused quite a stir, with the requirement to ensure that all website users are cookie aware. As everyone scrambles to put their websites on the right side of the law, a great new tool has been launched to quickly make your site compliant.

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Facebook Made Easy

With over 900 million active users on Facebook spending more than 700 billion hours a month on the site, any small or large company looking for a ready made market to promote their business cannot ignore Facebook. If that statement hasn't convinced you, then here are some more stats that should make you sit up and take notice of the world's biggest social network.


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SEO Made Easy - Cheap and Free Tips so you can DIY

Selecting the right domain name is the first step

If you want to get your site ranked highly in the search engines, then you have really got to get your head round search engine optimisation. Don't let the "experts" bamboozle you with the science behind this "black art", you don't have to spend thousands with SEO experts or consultants, as long as you understand the basics, prepare your SEO at the earliest stage of building your website, and keep your site alive with great content. Here are my top five tips for getting your site ranked and watching your visitor traffic grow.

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