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JoomlaUsing Joomla™ the award-winning content management system (CMS). You can have your own professional, flexible and manageable web sites with powerful online applications up and running in no time. Once the site is designed and built, because of their ease-of-use, you and your own staff can manage your own content without worrying about the technology.


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Social media marketing

If your internet marketing strategy involves social media marketing, then you need to regularly produce original content to grow your online audience. Free up your time for the task of running your business, by keeping your social media tools working for your business. Increase your visibility, create a brand buzz, build relationships. You get your social media content regularly updated with well written original content.

  • Facebook friend building
  • Twitter
  • Digg this
  • Stumbleupon
  • Myspace
  • RSS feeds
  • and more ...

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Email marketing

Harness the power of email to get your message out there, to engage your customers and build relationships. Set up the ultimate communications platform, grow your own clean mailing lists organically, manage and grow your customer relationships. We provide a managed email marketing service, and consultancy to install, setup and manage your preferred email marketing systems. We use and recommend best of breed to fit your marketing needs and budget, including: MailChimp, Interspire, Email Marketing Pro, Campaign Angel, Constant Contact and more.


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SEO - search engine optimisation

All web content, whether articles or social media content, written to order, or articles professionally edited, are optimised with key words throughout to ensure your website gets a high ranking with search engines.

But we don't forget your readers either! Just as importantly, your articles are written to give your readers a high impact message and an enjoyable reading experience so they will return for more.

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Content management: content maintenance, SEO tagging, ecommerce retail shops, product catalogues

So, you have finally got your website live and gorgeous. Now that's done you can just forget about it and wait for the customers to come knocking. Right ? WRONG!

Now your website is up and running, you need regular, original content to keep it working for you and bringing your customers to your door.

Your website will only live up to its potential if you update your web site regularly. Even if you have a user friendly content management system (CMS), you need the time and ability to manage your content. Plus even with the simplest CMS some html coding and some image manipulation is likely to be required.

And that's not all. If you have an online shop, then you need to manage your product catalogue on a daily basis, or for uninterrupted daily trading get it done while you sleep. From uploading images and csv files to writing product descriptions and managing sales and pricing. Sleep well knowing that your shop is being repopulated during your offpeak trading hours, so you wake with your shop ready for the next successful days trading.

Website Angel can manage your content so you don't need to delve into html or worry about image technology, or finding the time to update your site regularly. Saves you time, earns you money, saves you headaches.

Whether you have a one off project or need regular content maintenance, using your preferred CMS environment, from Joomla to a bespoke system, your Website Angel ensures it is done quickly, painlessly and securely.

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Articles to order by experienced seo copy writer

Industry, product and services relevant articles written to order by an experienced copy writer - your subject matter represented for your target aurdience - professionally written articles for your websites to attract your readers, and keep them coming back to you for more. Breathe new life into your marketing publications, by repurposing brand literature, company brochures, product information sheets, newsletters.

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Content editing by professional copy editor

It is not enough to write anything just to fill your webspace. The content you publish represents your business to your clients and readers. Your copy should be well written, using good English, and excellent spelling. Too often does your website (and therefore your business) lose all credibility when the content you publish is littered with grammatical errors, poor spelling and typographical errors.

Getting your content rewritten by a professional copy editor will give your website a professional polish and represent your business in the best light.

There is nothing worse than having a fantastic website, with a gorgeous design, and the latest technology, only to have it littered with pidgin English articles, poor spelling, and idiotic grammar. Not only is it embarrassing, it is losing you customers, and losing you money.

By getting your material edited to ensure a clear message, correct english language, correct english spelling and punctuation, you will keep your audience. As they learn to respect you and trust you, they will keep coming back for more and keep buying from your business.

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Global english localization and localisation

Do you think English is the same the world over? Then think again. If you are communicating to a global market, then you need to ensure your copy is localized or localised for North American, European and British English. As a british born and educated naturalised canadian the Website-Angel has "multi-english" language writing skills. Whether you are marketing your products or developing soft knowledge products; from software and user guides, to web content and training courses

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Online learning Virtual Assistant

Website Angel is experienced in providing Virtual Assistant support to online schools and teachers. From curating and deplying content, editing video production, to managing student enrollments. Using the learning platform of your choice to deliver fully online courses, or for blended learning to augment face-to-face courses.

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Artwork services: image optimisation, online catalogues, SEO tagging

Have you got a truckload of images that need to be optimised for use online ? Whether a one-off project or a regular requirement, save time and resource with the Website Angel artwork services. From image optimisation to uploading and SEO tagging.

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Website Angel is a professional webmaster, experienced in managing multiple remote Unix, Coldfusion and Microsoft hosting accounts, enterprise level mailing list applications, remote SMTP outgoing email services, as well as managing online email accounts for small businesses. If you don't have the technical knowledge or the time to manage your website hosting, then Website Angel can provide you with an affordable webmaster support package.

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User workshops, technical writing: style guides, best practice, procedures, user nanuals, training documentation

Reduce your support costs, learn to manage your own website content and hosting. You can learn through bespoke training workshops, personal tuition with teleconferencing and remote desktop support, full step-by-step instuctions on managing all aspects of your website, training material published online so you can access it from any location in your own time. Website Angel has over 25 years experience in delivering personal technical tuition and writing step-by-step user instructions.

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Support Centre

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilise a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required

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